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Roxy Yoga

Light. Empowerment. Mother Earth.

Hello familia,

My  name is Roxy Sanchez.

As a young girl I used to tell my mom that I felt crooked, yet not really understanding what that meant. It was the journey that I began in my adult years after a boxing injury that would lead me to understand that feeling. I began to envelop yoga and other healing practices in my life and my body became more aligned. Today I walk straight!  I have developed my own style of healing practices that derive from my lineage of healers, the Curanderismo of Southern NM,  and my experiences now living in Northern NM.   

My Whole Story...


Reiki (ray-key) is a Japanese technique that aids the body in releasing stress and tension by creating deep relaxation. Because of this, Reiki promotes healing and health.


Group Yoga classes are a great way to share and explore technique and movement while building upon the collective energy in the room. We can develop even more strength and awareness when we work together.


Yoga therapy is a type of therapy that uses yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and guided imagery to improve mental and physical health while creating a tailored personal yoga practice for you.


Tai chi is a gentle kung- fu that improves muscular strength, flexibility, fitness,  immunity, relieves pain and provides an over all better  quality of life.


Lyfe Bakk Full Spectrum hemp oil is the purest of the CBD oil out there. It is extracted from the hemp  plant that is grown organically and naturally.


Class Schedule Casa Yoga

Mondays Group

 -HOT YOGA / Purify : 7pm

Wednesdays Group  

-Wake and Articulate Yoga:  9am

 -HOT YOGA / Purify : 7pm 

Fridays Group

-Wake and Articulate Yoga:  9am

 -HOT YOGA / Purify : 7pm 


Drop In: $15

4 Classes for $40

Reiki Massage 1 Hr /$75  2Hr/ $130


Yoga Therapy Privates, Body Work and Energy Healing by appointment only

Book Online Now

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please get in touch with me

Tel: 505-417-6135

In The Studio                                  

60 Minutes                                             Drop In       Repeat Clients

Private                                               $95                $85  

Semi Private (2-3 People)               $125              $110

Group Class (4-10 People)             $150                        

Group Class (11-20 People)           $170

Group Class (21+ People)              $195

90 Minutes

Private                                              $120              $115

Semi Private                                    $155              $145

Group 4-10                                      $240

Group 11-20                                    $260

Group 21+                                       $300

Private Yoga Classes

In The Home  

                                      Repeat Clients       Drop In                                                  60 Minutes   

                                            $110                     $120                                              Private

         $145                     $150              Semi Private (2-3 People)

       $175            Group Class (4-10 People)

          $195         Group Class (11-20 People) 

            $220            Group Class (21+ People) 

90 Minutes

                                      $150                   $175                                      Private       

                               $200                   $220                              Semi Private     

                                 $265                                Group 4-10     

                                $285                                Group 11-20   

                                $325                               Group 21+       

Private Yoga Classes

Hummingbird 1_edited.png
Private Classes

Gulcin, Los Angeles

I have had the privilege of partaking in yoga with Roxie Sanchez for the last couple years. She blends various yoga styles, reiki, aromatherapy and ceremony into a wonderful class that always leaves me soothed, relaxed and at peace. 

With Gratitude, 


Tyler Rogers.jpg

Tyler, Pilar

The highlight of my week is Roxy's yoga class.  Her class starts off slow and relaxing and slowly increase in intensity to what ever level I want to take it to. It doesn't matter if I show up feeling exhausted or with lots of energy it always feels like the class matches my energy level and I leave feeling great. It restores me so much that I usually find myself counting down the days to her next class. If you want a amazing yoga class with someone that has beautiful powerful energy that they love to share go to Roxy's class.
Thank you Roxy


Tari, Brooklyn

Over the last couple of years I've watched Roxy evolve as a teacher and really create a practice that is unique and cultured to the spiritual practices she has connected to in life. It makes each Yoga class with her special, unexpected, and fun, always gaining something new and different. Something I really appreciate. Much love, Roxy


Get In Touch with Casa Yoga Studio

14156 St. Rd 75 Penasco, NM 87553 \\ Tel: 505-417-6135

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